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Our Story

Dr. Vicenta G. Marquez, fondly remembered answering medical questions and giving advice at the most unexpected places: church and grocery stores.  Her thought, "I need a place for these people".    ​


Already a member of the  Philipino American Association of Delaware, whose heroic mission was annual medical trips to provide care abroad, she decided, "Why not do it here, in Delaware?"  


After discussion with the Philipino Medical Association and an unmatched determination, a group of Filipino physicians decided to start a free clinic in Dover, Delaware.​


The Hope Medical Clinic was established October 2003 


Founders of the Hope Clinic, Drs. Vincenta G. Marquez, Venerando J. Maximo, Jose Pamintuan, and Basilio Bautista strategically chose working the Modern  Maturity Center- centrally located and accessible via public transportation.  The Board of THE MMC provided what was small storage space, to a reception area and exam room (divided by a curtain to create two exam rooms). Doctors provided free medication to the Hope Clinic patients by using samples from their offices, donations of expired (but effective medications) and some from pharmaceutical representatives.  


In 2007, Dr Thomas Mercer joined the Hope Medical Clinic to provide Dental services to this underserved population. Under his direction the Dental Clinic has expanded beyond general dental services.


 The clinic founders were committed to providing access to quality care to those who are uninsured and  underserved. 


As the only Free Clinic in Delaware, we are acutely aware of the shortage of affordable health care services and recognize that low-income and uninsured patients are often forced to make difficult choices between  medical and dental care or paying for food, rent and other basic necessities. The Hope Clinic strives to fill critical gaps in the healthcare system for medically underserved populations, including the uninsured and financially vulnerable, with the intention to improve their quality of life and alleviate the strain on community resources. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


The mission of the Hope Medical ∙ Dental Clinic, Inc is to promote the health and well being of adults by providing the highest quality of primary health care and dental care to the uninsured, underserved people. It is also our mission to expand the health care safety net to marginalized communities through collaborations and partnerships within our community. Their belief that health care is a right for all, remains the mission of Hope Medical and Dental Clinic ​for the past twenty years.


Tel. 302-735-7551

Fax. 302-735-4746

1125 Forrest Ave 

Suite 202

Dover, DE 19904


Monday 9:30am-11:30am

Tuesday 9:30am-11:30am   Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am

Thursday 9:30am-11:30am

CLOSED Friday, Saturday and Sunday 


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