Medical Services 

Dental Services 

  • Non-Emergency primary care

  • Physical exams

  • Testing and treatment for chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol)

  • Minor medical problems (e.g., headaches, sore throats, cough/colds, stomach issues)

  • We currently offer women's services


  • Oral Exam

  • Relief of Pain

  • incision and drainage of tooth abscess

  • Tooth extractions (*under local anesthesia only*)

  • Panoramic Radiographs

  • Dental Intraoral Radiographs


*We do not provide dentures, crown or bridge work, implants, braces, or teeth whitening

Emergency Services:  We  do not provide emergency services, hospitalizations, major procedures, surgeries, or expensive diagnostic services.  If you have an emergency, you should always call 9-1-1 and an ambulance, or have someone drive you to the nearest emergency room. 

Your First Appointment:

Please arrive 15 minutes early with the following information: 

  • Photo ID and proof of current address (utility or phone bill, or lease with current address). 

  • ​Denial ​letter from Medicaid.

  • If you’re working, please bring your current pay stub.

  • If you’re married, please also bring your spouse’s pay stub.

  • If you receive unemployment, or SSI, please bring in documents to show how much you receive.

  • If you’re not working, please bring a letter from the person who is taking care of you financially.



Appointment Cancellation:

  • call 24 hours in advance.

  • 3 “No Shows” a year leaves you ineligible for services for 6 months.


The Providers want to take care of you,

so please be on time or call us if you’re running late.

**Due to an increasingly lengthy wait time, our dental clinic will not be providing comprehensive dental care at this time. Please contact our office to determine eligibility. OR 302.735.7551.